My Two Cents

My interest in paying down debt, saving, investing, and other money-related topics has really taken off recently. Effectively managing money is something I’ve always been interested in. I was debt-free, minus a mortgage, until the middle of last year when I decided to expand my “side hustle”. Going back into the red was not a pleasant experience. I want that debt gone as fast as possible, so I have upped my saving and debt-abolishing game.

That’s where this blog comes in. I will share my research, interesting finds, my struggles and hopefully my victories, in an effort to keep myself accountable to my plan and pass on some inspiration and information.

Many fantastic money-managing blogs exist out there on the Internet. Most of my favourites are American, making their advice great but not always directly applicable to those of us in the Great White North. I want to start a blog for people like myself – specifically, young, entrepreneurial Canadians that need some help figuring out all of these “adult” things they don’t teach you in school (though they damn well should).

You and me – we can do this. Let’s get a head start on managing our money before we’re staring down 65 and wondering why we didn’t start this process sooner.


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